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Home of the Field Guide to Lee Adama

Do you have more questions about Lee Adama than you have answers?

Do you have more answers than you have questions?

Either way, this is the place for you! We seek to explain the enigma of Apollo here as best as we may.

Rules and Guidelines (since we <3 law and order)

1. We're making a collaborative field guide to Lee. Any Lee meta, picspams, or links to such material are welcome.

2. Anything covering seasons 1-4 does not need a spoiler warning. Anything dealing with episodes which have aired in the current season (4.5) must be clearly marked. Spoilers for upcoming episodes (including the promos) should also be placed under a cut-tag.

3. If you have a question about Lee which you would like answered, please post it in the Question Corral and hopefully our resident Lee know-it-alls will tackle it. We are here to help!

4. The day after each new episode airs, we will have a post where those enthusiastic or curious about Lee can examine the new data and form new theories. Because we really CAN talk about him all day!

5. Be polite. Criticize opinions, not posters.

6. We recognize that Lee is loved by some, yet remains a mystery to others. Criticism of our future civilian leader is fine; our man is both benevolent and a champion of free speech. However, if you just want to rip on him, this is not the place. Ask questions instead. We are here to celebrate and explain!

7. If you want to rip on Lee in the form of a question (what are you, a lawyer?), go ahead! But be prepared for a humorous reply.

8. Members of this community do not have to be lovers of biceps. Or justice. Or noodles.

But it might help.
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